Thursday, 18 June 2009

Elderflower Champagne - Perfect for Picnics

Elderflower Champagne is the perfect drink for picnics and it's so easy to make, it only takes 6 elderflower heads, 1 kg of sugar, 2 lemons, water......

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(Photograph from the 1970's film Picnic at Hanging Rock)


  1. Elderflower Champagne ! That sounds so good ! What a nice idea ! How funny It is :) I've just finished my elderflower jam :) and to taste this lovely recipe, i might have to wait for next year as we don't have anymore flowers, it is a shame.
    Thank you for your lovely visit, i was pleased to discover it :)
    The picture is marvellous !

  2. Hi there, thank you for your birthday wishes for my daughter.....The picture in your post is idyllic! Couldn't you just be there drinking the wine!?

  3. Hello! Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!
    Eldeflower Champagne... mmmmm... it sounds delicious!

  4. Hello
    I made some Elderflower champagne a month ago and it was a huge success.. much to my amazement.. so simple and satisfying to make..
    Thank you so much for your kind well wishes for Milly & Dottie's new venture...

    What a lovely stylish blog you have..