Monday, 17 August 2009

Drying Hydrangeas

This weekend one of my neighbours took the secateurs to her hydrangea shrub.
The mophead blooms were destined for her recycling bin
so she was only too pleased to let me take them.
I've decided to dry them with the intention of making a really glamourous Christmas wreath.
This is how I'm doing it - click HOW TO DRY HYDRANGEA FLOWERS to find out how.


  1. Beautiful! They are super stars dried. Can't wait to see your wreath!

  2. I'm going to cut some in the morning & do just that, thanks for the info! X

  3. Hi Re!
    Some weeks ago I had some pink hydrangeas from a neighbour too (she's the mother of Tony Meo, famous English snooker of the 80's...have you ever heard of him???), I dried them and have now a purple bunch of them with some dried yellow roses, how cheerful!
    Have a good week! :)

  4. Great advice as mine always end up quite brown looking. Glad you liked the little birds on my Rag Nest post, they were fun to make. It all seemed to turn into a sort of poem for some reason.

  5. Oh that is a very nice idea ! I do have some ! Thank you for sharing your advices ! Have a nice day :)

  6. How divine, I absoloutely love hydrangeas and caravans too ! I am a convert to your lovely blog, thanks so much for popping over to mine :D Sarah x

  7. Thanks for that advice.
    I have Hydrangeas in my garden to deal with asap!

  8. I'm writing this whilst looking at my hydrangea wreath up on the wall. It has of course faded and I think I'm going to be nipping out into the garden in a minute to try your method, thank you!

  9. A couple of years ago I sprayed some rather brown looking hyrdangea heads silver to use in a Christmas flower arrangement with a pleasing end result. If you can dry them to preserve their colour, that's even better! Thanks for the tip! Rebecca x