Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Charlie and Caroline of Pedlars

Still on the subject of other peoples' blogs.

Did you know that the owners of Pedlars have a blog?

and it's well worth a visit especially as they are going to give readers

a chance to

" TO MAKE AN OFFER FOR SOME PRODUCTS" on the blog. "Proceeds from these SALES WILL GO TO CHARITY, AND YOU CAN NOMINATE THE CHARITY. The idea is simple; every day for ten days we will offer different products on our blog. Followers can make an offer for these products and the best offer wins. So you might buy a mug for a few pence or a French lamp for a fraction of its value."

You can find out more here


  1. Love Pedlars mail order, will pop over and take a look at the blog, thanks for the link.

  2. Their castle in one of your earlier posts is just fabulous

  3. Just popped over and see that bidding has started on a lamp, such a great way to raise funds for charity, and you can be sure that the money is going to the charity of your choice as you're asked for payment by cheque made out to the charity.