Friday, 5 March 2010

Weekly Roundup and Giveaway Announcement

So this week we have successfully rehomed (fingers crossed) our juvenile cockerel and been rather amused by a report from the Sun about chickens killing a fox , you should read it for yourselves the puns are really groan worthy.

Since the beginning of March it has felt really Spring like and we've turned our thoughts to window boxes, and displaying Spring bulbs indoors in vintage china pieces. We've also been looking at a tutorial for making floral necklaces.

Whilst in our dreams we've visited Pedlar's castle in reality we've spent some delightful time watching the boats on the North Norfolk coast.

Far more mundane but never the less worth a mention, we renewed our car tax online, it was very simple to do and personally I would highly recommend it.

There has even been time for some reading, I've been dipping into Gisele Scanlon's The Goddess Experience and I've finished the first of my Georgette Heyer dectective / murder mystery books. Which leads me nicely to the announcement of Renaissance's first giveaway.

I've finished reading it and would like to pass it on to someone else, so if you'd like to read it yourself please leave a comment over here at Renaissance Newsletter.

If there is more than one person interested in the book we'll do a little draw and announce the winner next Friday in our weekly roundup.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and good luck in the giveaway.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I have just enjoyed reading all of your postings. Thanks for the link to Namolios Etsy shop, there are some lovely things for sale. Please enter me in to your giveaway, the book looks like a good read.
    Ann x

  2. We have had the most spring like week here in Devon so I am feeling very Springy too!!
    Have a happy week,
    Cally x

  3. Lots to look at :) thank you for all the links to lovely things I'll be here a while :)

  4. Spring was here also at the very begining of March... and already gone... it's now quite windy and very cold.... What happened to our french Spring? I'm waiting for a response :) anyone can tells me ? :))) Wish you a delicious Spring week! xo

  5. I love Giselle Scanlon's books!

    Victoria xx